“Neal – I first want to compliment the driver we had yesterday on our tour. He was very professional and was a good sport considering the conditions we were driving in. Please pass on our appreciation to him. Also I know the bus was muddy inside and out and if there needs to be some additional cleaning fees please send them on to us as we certainly didn’t anticipate that type of weather either. Thank you again and I look forward to working with Harlows again in the future.”
Scott Ressler
ND Stockmen’s Association



“Everything went very well with the bus. Andy was great! He was on time, polite, drove well, accommodating… I really appreciated all of that. Thank you very much!”
Kevin Stankiewicz
North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department
Recreation & Trails Grant Coordinator
Scenic Byway Program Coordinator



“Compliments to your driver [Marlin Miller]. He was so nice and prompt, friendly to our members. We appreciated it.”

Tara Holt
Doug Prchal


“I just returned from a motor coach tour to Niagara Falls, Ontario and it was an enjoyable tour.

I want to congratulate you for having an employee like Yannick Collymore. He is a careful and responsible driver. He was patient and attentive to the needs of elderly passengers. He always parked the bus very close to the destination and kept the bathroom in good order. I would not hesitate to recommend Harlow’s to friends and colleagues.”

Pong Chan


“I just returned from my Diamond Tours vacation and am very pleased. Speaking for several people in the group, we had a most enjoyable trip with our bus driver, Yannick Collymore. I travel all over the country and the world and have not encountered very many drivers as cautious, courteous & SAFE as Yannick.

There were several “needy” people on the bus, often they were not on time and always wanting to do something that was not on the itinerary. I was impressed how if Yannick could make it work, he went above and beyond to help and make everyone happy.

The Prevost coach was very nice to ride in and Yannick did a superb job keeping it clean. A big THANK YOU to Harlow’s Trailways for employing and sending Yannick on this trip. A great time was had by all!!”

Jose Jackson
Baton Rouge, LA


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