Casino Trips

Casino Trips (Bismarck, ND location only)


We offer weekly charters to Prairie Knights Casino & Resort with two designated pick up points per trip. The trips are on a first come, first serve basis. We also have Customer Appreciation Day which is held the 1st Wednesday of every month.

Our first pick up location is in the Kmart parking lot in Bismarck, ND; our second pick up location is Dan’s Supermarket parking lot in Mandan, ND.

Schedule for Prairie Knights Casino Shuttle
Day of the week Time at first pick-up location Time at second pick-up location Approximate return time
Monday 9:30 am 10:00 am 4:00 pm
Thursday 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 12:00 am (Midnight)
Friday 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 12:00 am (Midnight)
Sunday 4:00 pm 4:30 pm 9:30 pm